Vitiviniculture is a thousand-year long custom in our country. Since the very discovery of wine-making from juicy grapes, this beverage brings joy and perfect mood.

Republic of Moldova is acclaimed as a country with developed practices of vitiviniculture, placing it among the most important wine countries of the world. Our wines, spirits, sparking wines have been bestowed with hundreds of acclaimed awards at international exhibitions and contests. Our beverages are popular in more than 55 countries.

Moldovan wine-makers have developed and produce more than 3000 brands of various beverages: aperitifs, national spirits, vodkas, liquors, brandy, sparkling wines, white, red and rose wines, dry and sweet wines, ice-wine and even whiskey, gin, rum and other exotic beverages. All the above products could be tasted at more than 170 wineries that operate in our country. While the most modern and innovative wineries are included in the national program "The Wine Route of Moldova". Apart of winemaking industry of the country, the “Wine Route of Moldova” runs via other places of interest such as monasteries, historic sights, farmer’s households, artisan workshops and the like.

Our country is also famous due to its unique underground wine-cities as Cricova and Mileștii Mici, the Cellars from Brănești, where visitors are served high-quality vintage wines in a delighted atmosphere of underground palaces. It is a custom in Moldova to treat neighbours, relatives, guests and even strangers to a glassful of wine. Therefore, wine tourism has immediately grown popular among both guests and residents of Moldova.

Vine and wine are present in lifestyle of a Moldovan from cradle to grave. Perhaps, namely wine has allowed us to survive during long bloodshed centuries, to preserve the national language and the customs of our forerunners, and namely wine has made our songs sad, our dances passionate and our temper mild.  Visitors may appreciate all the above to advantage while visiting the unique celebration – The “National Wine Day”.

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