The governor of Gagauzia, Irina Vlah, invites all interested people to visit the Wine Festival "Gagauz şarap yortusu - 2016", which will take place on November 6 in Comrat at 11:00.

The Wine Day is an annual celebration held in Comrat, which acquaints visitors with the culture and traditions of the Gagauz people.

 Ziua_Vinului_Gagauzia_Comrat   Ziua_Vinului_Gagauzia_Comrat
PC: Dmitriy Kihayal

At the event:
- you will plunge into the history and life of the Gagauz people
- you will witness the production of homemade wine
- you will visit traditional houses of various Gagauzian villages, especially the house the Gagauz Governor, where traditional dishes will be offered for tasting
- you will become familiar with modern technology of the wineries from Gagauzia
- you will attend to various  master-classes offered by Gagauz craftsmen (carpet weaving a.o).

 Ziua_Vinului_Gagauzia_Comrat   Ziua_Vinului_Gagauzia_Comrat
PC: Dmitriy Kihayal

The organizers prepared a real feast of quality wines and traditional Gagauz dishes. There will be also a gala concert, featuring performers from Moldova, Russia, Turkey and Tatarstan.

The event Gagauz şarap yortusu - 2016 is organized with the support of the National Office of Vine and Wine, under the national brand "Wine of Moldova. A legend alive”. 

 Ziua_Vinului_Gagauzia_Comrat   Ziua_Vinului_Gagauzia_Comrat     
PC: Dmitriy Kihayal

Date: November 6 (Sunday)
Time: 11-00
Place: Comrat, Central Market
Admission: free

More details on the page of the event.