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Visiting the historic village Mileştii Mici you will be impressed by the twisted streets, cleanliness and freshness of the air and householders hospitality here. Each of the villagers greets the travelers and if necessary, offers them a cup of water, juice or wine. Moreover, the atmosphere here makes you hike across the streets of the village, loosing track of time.


46°54.64’N, 28°48.58’E

The village Mileştii Mici is nestled in the valley of the river Ișnovaț, 22 km from Chisinau. The guesthouse has been restored and furnished in a traditional Moldavan style. The householders have dedicated a lot of attention to the restauration process, in order to show better Moldavan customs and traditions. Every visitor of the pension is impressed by the beauty here, but also by the hospitality of the hosts.


* Rooms SGL/DBL: 2

* Opening hours: based on reservations


* Type of cuisine: National

* Restaurant halls: 2

* Total seats: 4;100

* Outdoor seating: yes

* Opening hours: based on reservations

Country Experience

* Guided tours, master-classes, cooking lessons, gardening, parties and special events.

* Tours available in Romanian.



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