The “Assumption of Our Lady” Church in Causeni

The Assumption of the Virgin Mary Church is situated 80 km south-east of Chisinau. Some scientists believe that this church was constructed in XV-XVI centuries, while others allege that it appeared in XVII-XVIII centuries. The exact date when the only church with wall frescos in Bessarabia was built is not known (in the 15th century). The inner of the church has plenty wall frescos, in the style of late school of Hurez (Romanian Country). In the religious scenes one can see the representatives and founders of the church, the Moldovan lords Nicolae and Constantin Mavrocordat, Grigore Alexandru Ghica, Grigore Callimachi, Bishop of Proilavia Daniil etc. The entrance into the temple is lower than the ground level. According to one version, Turkish vizier Ali-Pasha ordered that the church should not surmount the fence around. There is another legend that the church should not raise higher that the apex of spears of a riding solderfor Causani was one of the towns of the Golden Horde.

Holy Virgin Protection wooden church in Palanca

“Holy Virgin Protection” Church (village Palanca, Calaras district) was constructed in XIX century. Namely this church was the forerunner of dome wooden churches in Moldova. Its appearance suggests the traits of baroque. Just several years back the church was abandoned and stood dilapidated in the town cemetery, yet it has been restored and now it surmounts over the “living” museum— Centre of Folk Creation “Casa Parinteasca” (Parent’s House). The church is open for visitors.

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