Monastery “Ascension of the God”, Noul Neamt

The lands that host Noul Neamt monastery at present belonged in XIX century to Neamt Lavra in Romania (founded in XIV century). The construction of a new replica monastery was insisted upon by the Head of Bessarabia Lavra estates Arch-monk Theophanous and the Spiritual leader of the Larva Arch-monk Andronicus. In the year 1859 they dispatched a petition pertaining to construction of Neamt monastery in the Lavra’s estate Chitcani, to which they got the consent of the Russian Tsar in the year 1864. 

This cloister was being constructed for more than half a century, yet at present its architectural composition is deemed by right the most outstanding and large-scaled in Moldova. The temple “Ascensio Christi” and the belfry were designed in the year 1864 by an architect from St. Petersburg; while the icon wall, crosses and icon cases were painted by artist Verkhovtsev. The temple was being built within the span 1867- 1878. In the year 1905 the winter church opened its doors, and a bit later—the five-storey gate belfry (height 55.6 metres).

In 1962 the cloister was restricted and closed. The monastery was revived only to the turn to 1990s.


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