Monastery “Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary”, Curchi

The monastery was established in the years 1773-1775 by Boyar Iordache Curchi from Marazini settlement onto the lands that once belonged to his grandfather. At first, the principle temple of the cloister was a wooden church. Yet, to the turn to XIX century a marvelous temple was erected that remained for long span the highest temple in Moldova (32 metres). There are suppositions that the temple was constructed by the project of the great architect Bartolomeo Rastrelli. In the year 1811 a seminary was opened by the monastery, a printing house was founded and a vast library was formed. The year 1844 saw construction of the winter church. All these erections have survived all the calamities till nowadays. While in the year 1938 the construction works of St. Nicolas Church were started that were completed just several years back. Curchi Monastery was one of the largest and the richest: the cloister owned 2,000 ha of land, 7 lakes (only 3 have been preserved), forests, vineyards, while the refectory provided places for 1,000 of persons.

In the year 1958 the monastery survived oppression and closure. A hospital for mentally insane was established in its premises. And only to the turn to 2000s the patients of the hospital were transferred to another medical institution. The monks, who resided in a neighbouring premises, immediately took over construction and restoration of the monastery. The Government of the Republic of Moldova and private companies provided sufficient funds for rehabilitation. Today Curchi Monastery appears before its visitors and pilgrims in all its glory.

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