Chișinău Sightseeing tour
15€ 1 day
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Gagauzia - the land of Gagauzians T15
85€ 1 day
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Soroca - the fortress city T16
111€ 1 day
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Transnistria - The country that doesn't exist T14
72€ 1 day
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Lenin, kvas, cognac and black caviar tour T13 KVINT Winery and Distillery
205€ 1 day
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Mileștii Mici - the Guiness World Records Book wine collection T11 Mileștii Mici Winery
84€ 1 day
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Cricova - the house of a remarkable collection of wine T9 Cricova Winery
100€ 1 day
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EtCetera Wines - cultivating relationships T8 Et Cetera Winery
100€ 1 day
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Reveal the taste of Purcari legendary wine T7 Château Purcari
98€ 1 day
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Capriana Monastery - the revived sanctuary T6
85€ 1 day
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The artisans from Călărași T5
95€ 1 day
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Insight into the culture and history of Moldova T4 Château Vartely
93€ 1 day
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Wine, culture and leisure at Château Vartely T3 Château Vartely
103€ 1 day
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Orheiul Vechi - crossroads of times T2 Brănești Сellars - Stone Age
80€ 1 day
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Discover the roots of Moldova T1 Château Vartely
88€ 1 day
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