Winetours Moldova provides interviews about interesting people, working in hospitality and wine tourism in Moldova. Finds out their story, their thoughts about wine, guests they meet and challenges they face.


Our new guest of the project - The Friday VINterview, is Natalia Capmare, tourism manager at the winery MigdalP, Chateau Cojusna.

                  MigdalP_Cojusna_Natalia_Capmare           MigdalP-Chateau-Cojusna

Since when are you working in tourism and how did you get to work at the winery Chateau Cojusna?
I have over 13 years experience in tourism, and Chateau Cojuşna I committed earlier this year.

Please make a brief presentation of the winery Migdal P?
Chateau Cojuşna is the place where quality wine and brandy are produced, and the process is considered an art, which harmoniously combines tradition and modern technologies. There, where you can find the satisfaction, the peace for you soul, created by the beauty of the place, the glass of wine and the traditional placinta. 

What are the main 3 attractions that make guests choose Chateau Cojusna?
- Chateau Cojusna is only 15 km far from Chisinau
- The  beauty of the galleries and tasting rooms
- The high quality of the products obtained by respecting the technologies and by using unique equipments, Migdal-P beeing the first company in Moldova, which imported original alembics from France.

Please describe in only few words the guest experience at the winery Chateau Cojusna.
Proximity, technology, people, wine, satisfaction.

What’s the oldest bottle in your cellar?
The oldest wines in our collection are wine with year of harvest 1989 and 1990.

What’s the most awarded wine produced by Migdal-P winery? Is it still available for tasting?
Roșu Pastoral (Cahor) 2001, red dessert collection wine.

 Chateau-Cojusna-MigdalP-colectie       Chateau-Cojusna-MigdalP_beci

What remarkable personalities visited the winery Chateau Cojușna? And from which most distant and exotic countries you received guests?
We had guests from all over the world. We were honored to be visited by the beautiful and full of temperament actress, Svetlana Toma, His Eminence Patriarch Kirill, the President of the Constitutional Court of the Russian Federation  - Mr. Zorikin and many others.

What’s your biggest challenge as a manager at the company Migdal-P?
I think the biggest daily challenge for me is to find the key to heart of each visitor, in order to bring the satisfaction and the joy during the tour of Chateau Cojuşna.   

Have you had guests with exceptional requests? Or maybe you had a curious situation, which you can share with us?
It is realy fun to receive request like: ”I would like to come to visit the winery, but I am not interested to see anything,  i just want to taste wine..”, but at the same time I am proud that I managed to convince some guests to taste wines, which they absolutely weren't interested to taste, and finally even to change their oppionion and to make them enjoy those wines.

Do you prepare new offers or services for next season or some surprises for your guests in the near future?
Certainly we work on new special offers for our visitors and we are confident these will meet the expectations of our guests.

 Chateau-Cojusna-MigdalP-degustare    Chateau-Cojusna-MigdalP-degustare

Do you recall, when you tasted wine first and what was it?
I come from the South of Moldova, where wine is  considered beeing our blood. In fact I believe my grandparents are the ones who developed in my heart the love for the wine culture, throug all autumn rituals, cleaning the barrels, grape processing and fermentation of the wine. But the most memorable moment is when my granny was baking bread, she always served us with a slice of hot bread, while my grandfather was preparing a mixture of wine, honey and water, and we were dumping the fresh, hot bread in it. It was one of those wonderful tastes of childhood that made us feel mature, important and happy.

If you had to pick one red and one white wine, what would you choose?
I consider that the best wine is a dry wine; this is an art to know how to do it. For the white, I would choose a dry Chardonnay. Speaking about the reds, I will contradict myself, but only for saying that a good Cahor is a real pearl.

Do you have a passion for something, a hobby, except the wine tourism, of course? 
The tourism is interesting for me in any kind, as the reading and the music, anyway I believe that the reading and the music are also a way of traveling, cause sometimes the books and the music may teleportate  you to different paces, worlds, times and all this without spending anything, what can be better than this?
I find tourism interesting in any form, like reading or music, f anyway I believe that the reading and the music are also a way of traveling, because often a book or a song may teleportate  you to different places, worlds, times and all this without money, what can be better than this?

Winetours Moldova thanks you for your time and wish luck to the entire team from Chateau Cojusna.