Moldova’s natural resources attract fans of ecologic tourism into the country. Moldova sees mountains even if not high yet rather touching, hills as if the masterpiece created by nature; one may admire springs, rivers, lakes (there are more than 4 thousand), forests, rocks, canyons – all these landscapes could be encountered in Moldova. While the task of tourism agencies is to facilitate communication with the wild upon organising trekking and hiking tours, fleeting tours and recreation activities in the open. 

Natural opulence must be protected: on 1st of March 1904 Doctor of Zoology and one of the founders of Bessarabia’s Zemstvo Museum (at present National Museum of Nature and Ethnography), Baron Stuart established Bessarabia’s Society for Nature Protection. A lot of time has elapsed since then. At present the Law on Natural Technologies’ Fund protects 5 scientific natural reserves, 86 geologic and palaeontologic monuments (including the largest caves in Europe), 31 springs that waters are endowed with healing properties (for example, the spring in the monastery of Saharna settlement, Rezina district, or the well near Hirjauca monastery, Calarasi district). The State protects 160 century-old trees that are told legends about and are included into tourist routes, 51 natural forest reserves, 9 herb reserves, rare species of flora and fauna etc. 

Visitors are invited to spend unforgettable time in any of the aforementioned resorts and the picturesque places created by nature described below. While paying visit to “Padurea Domneasca” with aurochs, the longest cave in Europe with 30 underground lakes, the highest summit of Moldova – Balanesti Mount (Balanesti settlement, Nisporeni district), the shore of the Nistru River near Camenca town (Transnistria), Japca settlement (Floresti district), Cremenciug settlement (Soroca district), wetlands and unusual landscapes in Naslavcea settlement (Ocnita district), picturesque lakes – one may witness fairytale everywhere due to the beauty and the mysteriousness presented to Moldova by God!