Winter holidays begin surprises and magic for enthusiats of the Wine of Moldova. From 9 to 28 December, on the eve of the Wine Vernissage, will take place a new campaign ”Wine Friendly”.


Gheorghe Arpentin, the director of the National Office of Vine and Wine: "The aim of the project is to continue the familiarization of the public with the concept of ”Wine Friendly”and encourage conscious consumption of wine quality. At the same time, we want to improve the quality of the wine service in the restaurants from Moldova. We are waiting for all interested people to learn more about the Wine of Moldova on the Wine Friendly events!".

As before,  the campaign will surprise with tastings guided by certified sommeliers, organized in 10 places, accredited or in the process of accreditation Wine Friendly. There will be presented sparkling, white and red PGI wines, Ice Wine / dessert / pellikular wines. One of the novelties of this edition is that divines (local denomination of cognacs) are included in the tasting.


Another surprise that awaits all participants are gifts specially prepared for true connoisseurs of the Wine of Moldova. Thus, participants will be able to take part in a raffle, winning tickets to the Wine Vernissage or a basket with the five wines tasted at the master class, tehy attended. 


 Diana Lazar, Deputy Director, Project Competitiveness USAID Moldova: "The program “Wine Friendly ", designed with the support of USAID Competitiveness Project in Moldova, as a platform for cooperation between restaurants, wine producers and consumers. Today there are 22 accredited members and 8 are in the process of accreditation. With this program, we are helping restaurants to improve their wine service, develop the wine culture among its customers, as well as to facilitate their dialogue with the wineries."

Choose “Wine Friendly” restaurant!

If you choose a place that is accredited "Wine Friendly", there you will find a wide selection of wines, a select menu and a friendly atmosphere. In addition, restaraurants holding this title share a particular passion for quality wines, which they would recommend, will help you choose and will serve the wine as a la carte. For a For cultural diversity and taste, visit one of the "Wine Friendly" restaurants, where the wine selection makes a harmonious tandem with an excellent gastronomic menu.


To learn more about the culture of correct consumption of quality wines, sign up for one of the organized workshops on the Facebook page „Wine of Moldova”.


List of Wine Friendly events (to be updated):

8 December 19:00 Nobil English Club
300 MDL. Seria evenimentelor Nobil Wine Stories, Story No: 5 Et Cetera
Wines: Affinite 2015, Cuvee Blanc 2015 și Serendipity 2014
Bookings: 068566665, Address: str. Mihai Eminescu, 49/1

9 December Meating point
250 MDL. Sommelier Druta Mihai
Wines: RadaciniCombinatul de Vinuri "CRICOVA" S.A., Bostavan, Vinuri Ialoveni SABardar
Bookings: 696 22 622. Address: Str. Grenoble, 120

10 December Embargo wine
200 MDL. Sommelier Gheorghe Arpentin
Wines: Minis Terrios Wines Pelican Negru Wines @Gogu Winery Carpe Diem Wines Equinox VieVin
Bookings: 0603 00 299. Address: str. A.Pușkin, 56B

13 December 19:00 KIKU Steak & Wine
250 MDL. Sommelier Nicolae Luca
Wines: Nisporeni, Chateau Vartely Wine. Culture and Leisure Resort , Purcari Wines SA Vinuri De ComratJSC "Barza Albă"
Bookings: 022 997 990. Address: Bd. Decebal, 72/2

14 December 19:00 BEEF. Meat&Wine
200 MDL. Sommelier Andrian Digolean
Wines: MAURTBostavan WinesTimbrus, DK, Castel Mimi
Bookings: 079525554 Dumitru. Address: bd. Moscova, 14/1

16 December 18:30 InVino
200 MDL. Sommelier Druta Mihai
Wines: Chateau Vartely Brut Alb, 2015 Pinot Grigio de Purcari, 2015 Asconi Malbec, Castel Mimi Ice Wine Alb, Bardar Divin 5 ani
Bookings: 022 909 944 , Address: bd. Bănulescu Bodoni, 41

17 December 18:00 BarBar
200 MDL. Sommelier  Andrei Țurcan
Bookings: 078513513 , Address: str. Mihai Eminescu, teatrul Mihai Eminescu

20 December 19:00 Taste of Blu
200 MDL. Sommelier  :  
Bookings: 060290200. Address: str. Mitropolit Varlaam 77, Radisson Blu Hotel

22 December 19:00 Rozmarin Cafe
225 MDL. Somelier: Sergiu Stratan
Wines:  MAURTVinaria din ValeCombinatul de Vinuri "CRICOVA" S.A.,Vinuri Ialoveni SAJSC "Barza Albă"
Bookings: 0680233301. Address: Bd Ștefan cel Mare și Sfînt 202.

23 December 19:00 Nobil English Club
300 MDL.  Somelier:  
Wines: Combinatul de Vinuri "CRICOVA" S.A.Vinaria din ValePurcari WinesChateau Vartely Wine. Culture and Leisure ResortJSC "Barza Albă"
Bookings: 068566665, Address: str. Mihai Eminescu, 49/1

27 December 19:00 Toro Grill
250 MDL. Somelier:  
Bookings: 079154154. Address: Bd Ștefan cel Mare și Sfînt 182.

About the "Wine Friendly" program

The award "Wine Friendly" is offered by the National Office of Vine and Wine and its strategic partner, USAID Competitiveness Project Moldova, the best restaurants in the country, as a result of a thorough selection process,based on the quality assessment and training. The accreditation process is conducted in accordance with the quality standards in the field of wine service, under the aegis of the European Association of Sommeliers.