We have the pleasure to inform you that in Moldova, in Cricova cellars, will be organized the only international underground wine and street music festival – Underland Wine and Music Fest.

On February 18th, starting with 10 AM, will perform over 30 musical artists and bands from 8 countries - Ukraine, Russia, Romania, Germany, Czech Republic, Italy, Hungary and Moldova. Complete list here.

What is hiding in Cricova cellars besides ravishing smell of wine, thousands of barrels, cool stone labyrinths and decades of history? Well, just once and namely this year, the unknown and unseen underground city will be revealed, a city that hides an entire micro-society ripped from fairy tales and magical stories- Underland. The city is stretching over 4 km in stone and is divided into three districts - White Wine District, Red Wine District and Sparkling Wine District. Performers and music bands, painters, mimes, jugglers, living statues and more - all of them you can admire at the Underland festival.

Ticket price: 250 lei and it can be purchased here.
The ticket includes:

  • A glass of flavored mulled wine at the entrance;
  • A tour of Cricova Underground Musem, world-known for its legendary wine collection;
  • Participation at workshops and master classes organized by talented craftsmen;
  • Access to 3 themed districts of the Underland city – district of the white, red and sparkling wine and to 3 wine schools with tastings guided by certified sommeliers;
  • Spectacular show with more than 30 street artists, musicians and bands from 8 countries;
  • Photos and memorable selfies with different characters of the Underland city.

More details about the event here

The map of the event